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1/25/2021 Meeting with Superintendent Graff, Dr. Aimee Fearing, and Eric Moore

We had a literacy discussion with senior MPS leadership today regarding early literacy. See the attached slide deck and appendix to view the presentation.

Notes from the meeting:

Superintendent Graff:

1. There are additional literacy-focused meetings planned during COW going forward - resolution expected in Feb. (any idea what this is?)

2. Literacy is a top priority for the District & there are a number of initiatives planned/underway, including forming a "comprehensive literacy framework".

Dr. Fearing:

1. Her team is working with U of M & MDE re: characteristics of dyslexia screening req.

2. Working with U of M Center for Reading Research to form "Birth to adult literacy framework" - 1st draft due by June.

3. PRESS - U of M tool - Tier 2 support being added

4. MDE is providing training/professional development recommendations to MPS - LETRS is one but there are many options.

4. Literacy Coaching for elem. teachers is "biggest lever in change" - MPS will have K-2 literacy coaches at all MPS sites next year

Senior Officer Moore:

1. Saw a "bump" after Benchmark implementation - thinks teachers had more tools than in the past (Moore) - diagnostics were good.

2. MTSS & School Improvement work is gaining traction & helping small gains.

3. Thought we'd see another year of 2-3% gains in literacy pre-COVID, but we've lost those gains & then some.

Presentation and Handout with links to supporting information:

Graff Presentation Public
Download PDF • 1.63MB

Graff Powerpoint Handout Public
Download DOCX • 22.96MB

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