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An Educator's Experience with LETRS Training

Join us for our latest call with educator Sherri Lucas-Hall where we discuss the urgent need for teachers to receive training in how to teach our children to read. Sherri is a strong advocate for teacher training in the Science of Reading.

Pursuing her passion for teaching later in life, Sherri shares the frustration in finding that after receiving a Master’s in Education she did not have the training required to teach many of her children to read. This lack of knowledge about how to teach children to read cost her the job she loved.

After her termination, Sherri pursued the path of discovery into the Science of Reading, spurred on by Emily Hanford podcasts, a meeting at the local dyslexia chapter, and then pursuing OG and LETRS training.

Sherri speaks to the need to listen to our parents who know their child and the educators who are on the front line, who know something is missing and reflects on the students who she couldn’t help because of the gaps in her training.

The Minnesota State Legislature has authorized $3 million in grants to provide teachers grants to take LETRS training. MDE will be running the grant program and we will share more information when the grant windows open for teachers.

Sherri Lucas-Hall is the current owner of Designed to Teach Tutoring Services in Georgia

You can follow Sherri on Twitter: @teachforever54

You can join the conversation on academics in Minneapolis:

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