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Protest for Literacy!

Join us Tuesday 6/15, 4:30-5:30 at the Davis Center for a Protest on Literacy.

Why are we protesting? Check out this video featuring Jasmine Lane, a local teacher and education advocate, Khulia Pringle, Midwest Regional Organizer for National Parents Union as we discuss literacy in MPS.

Some data was referenced in the video. Check below for more:

The first slide is eReading Fast test results. The eReading test is a basic foundational literacy test. Too many of our children are not proficient and are not making a years worth of growth in MPS.

Here is MCA Reading Growth and Proficiency Data for Black students whose home language is English. 52% of students in this subgroup are not making a year's worth of growth and are not proficient. 64% of students are not making a years worth of growth.

In 2014, MPS Board voted on a strategic plan that set academic goals for our district. Our Board will argue they are a governing body and not responsible for the management decisions. This is a good example what the lack of governance looks like. Will the Board be setting new academic goals as part of a literacy plan?

In 2014, the District Management Council audited our Special Ed services. The top issues they identified was MPS' failure to teach children how to read. They identified key solutions that still need to be addressed. Click here for the report. Lastly we spoke to the work the Oakland NAACP is doing advocating for literacy. Check out their work here:

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